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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Little Red Riding Hood

Happy Halloweenie BBs!! It's turning out to be a dramatic week, so I will keep things short today. First off, I must say that Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I just adore the feeling of Autumn. Of course, since I live in LA I don't always get the full October feeling, so I watch Hocus Pocus basically on repeat to make up for it.

For those of you celebrating, have so much fun but be safe, and keep it classy BBs ;)

Side Note: The SF Giants won the World Series over the weekend, and so my friend's dog (Henry) is wearing his Giants outfit (above). Since, his outfit also looks Halloween-ish, I figured I'd include it lol!

And to our friends on the East Coast, know that our thoughts and prayers are with you, and we know you will make a resilient comeback!

Sending you all lots of love darlings,
xox ~ KB aka Red ;) 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Crop My Heart

Sweater: vintage Oscar de la Renta, Shorts: BDG, Shoes: Dolcetta by Dolce Vita, Tights: H&M

How often is it that we are able to find cropped chunky cable-knit sweaters? The answer is, unfortunately, not as often as we should. That's why when I stumbled upon this beautiful vintage de la Renta at Wasteland, I knew I had to have it. Really, it would have been a disservice to the fashion community if I had come across such a find and let it go. So it can be said, that I bought this sweater for the good of the people. You're welcome. 

This sweater is truly brilliant, though. I love the mix of textures the knitting provides - feeling both thick and airy simultaneously. The arms are long and baggy for that cozy feeling, and yet, the crop provides an anomaly all on its own. The crop literally lifts the 'would-be' heavy feeling of the sweater, and instead enhances it with a lightness typically not akin to this fabric or design. See? I told you its brilliant ;)

I paired the sweater with my studded BDG high-waist shorts to also provide a balance to the thick material of the sweater. From there we again have my holey sheer tights from H&M (that yes, my mother loathes lol). And my chunky Dolcetta buckled booties. 

The outfit is comfortable while also being unique in a slightly subtle way. I like that the Oscar provides a bit of a surprise without being over the top, so that the piece can still be considered daily wear. Of course, I also feel that a bold lip also helps balance out the sweater, so that it doesn't overpower you (I'd consider a great nude lipstick as well, it can work!). Besides, this fall/winter statement lips are in, so you may as well utilize it while you can!

Alright darlings, I hope I could help provide you with just a slight reprieve from the Monday Blues. Oh! And by the way, Happy 1 Month Anniversary BBs!! Blush & Bangs is officially a month old today, so we do have something to celebrate! Thank you all for your support and we're only just getting started, so buckle up ;)

xox ~ KB

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pop of Color

Top: Urban Outfitters, Leggings: American Apparel, Shoes: Topshop, Hat: D&Y

 Let's be real, this is all about the shoes. Okay, maybe partly about the lipstick, but the shoesies are the real statement piece here. These fun coral oxfords were purchased at Topshop in London (aka Shoppers Heaven). Surprisingly, they can be worn with a number of outfits to add a pop of color and/or jazz up any simple ensemble. 

I sometimes play things safe, and I love that these shoes were a risk! But, they had a great payoff, and once I had them in my closet I learned how to make them work with different pieces. Plus, I'm always in a good mood when I wear them, because really, I think there's some kind of unwritten rule that states you can't scowl when you have bright shoes on. I'm serious, look it up.

I wore black for the rest of my outfit so that my bits of color could really 'wow.' The top is a tank I had from Urban Outfitters. It's a touch big, so I keep it tied in the back to fit a little better. And my leggings are just staple American Apparel that I've probably worn 200 different ways lol. I'm actually not sure if that's an that scary? Oh well!

As you can see, the vampy lips (MAC 'Diva') are still in full play. What can I say, I'm a loyalist.

Anyways, the weekend is finally here, huzzah!!! My paper is still at a dead halt, but I'm hoping to make progress this weekend. And by 'hoping' I mean 'I have no choice and I'm totally screwed if I don't.' Yay. But, alas, the daytime is for work and the evening for play, so I'll be doing just that ;)

See you Monday BBs!
xox ~ KB

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

90's Child

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Miss Sixty, Shoes: Converse, Hair Accessory: H&M, Bag: H&M

I've been SO antsy to share this post with you guys, because it's my favorite thus far!! There are so many things I love incorporated into this look. And, honestly, I feel like this outfit is just the epitome of who I am - a girly tomboy ;) 

I love wearing flowers on my clothes and in my hair, and I get to do both here! I found this top at Forever 21 and instantly NEEDED it. As soon as I saw it said "90s Child," I knew it was meant to be. My love for all things 90s is irrepressible. So not only did this top already make a very 'Kayla-esque' statement, it was also a crop top, with a floral pattern, and peek-a-boo back. True. Love. 

I actually just rediscovered these jeans over the last year while I was helping my parents pack up their house, and going through my old room. I had these jeans in high school and hadn't worn them since. But, once I found them and saw that they still fit, I've been running around in them regularly. 

H&M has all these cute hair accessories right now, mostly floral, so naturally I picked out 2 sets - lavender, periwinkle, black, and ivory. They're kinda my new addiction, I can't seem to leave the house without one of them in my hair! I also got my purse from H&M, which I use daily. I almost exclusively wear over-the-shoulder bags so my hands are free, and I'm less of an easy target for any purse snatching wankers out there, lol! Stylish and strategic ;)

And what can I say about the shoes? I'm definitely a classic Converse chucks kinda kid, and I think they're a necessary staple in every guy and girl's closet.

Easy makeup and a nude lip complete the look, and there you have it!

I hope you guys have a great couple days until the weekend. I'm off to San Fran to be with some people very near and dear to my heart :) 

See you Friday BBs!
xox ~ KB

Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet Me After Work

Top: Ecoté, Skirt: Forever 21, Shoes: (random store in London, sorry!)

Sooo, I don't have a normal 9-5 job, but this outfit feels more professional to me. For instance, I feel as though I can picture a paralegal wearing this outfit in a law office....on a tv show. Not sure how it would translate to real life, though, because I tend to envision and live my life as though it were a television series. A sitcom to be exact, lol. I'm actually kinda serious. Don't judge me. 

I've actually never worn this top tucked in before, but I tried it out, and I liked that it brought more focus to its detailing. I purchased this top a couple years ago from Urban Outfitters, and have paired it with both daytime and evening looks. I like that it translates so well into any number of occasions. 

I'm also wearing a skirt again. This is strange for me because I'm not generally a skirt person - I feel like they tend to hinder my mobility and sitting options (tomboy at heart, remember?). However, when I came across this skirt during my most recent Forever 21 excursion, I felt that it would be a useful addition to my wardrobe. The faux leather material is soft and comfortable, and I like that I can wear it simply as is or layer it during the winter season with chunky sweaters and tights, etc. 

These shoes were a find I made when I lived in London four years ago. There was a little boutique near Bloomsbury, where I lived, and all their shoes were around twenty quid (bucks). I love London, but it's no secret that it is an expensive city to live in, so when you find a deal there, you bloody take it! ;)

Anyways, I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and get through this Monday without much hassle. I'm still working on my paper, it's a dark cloud looming over me :( What's worse is that the moment this one is done, I have an even bigger one to start right away! Wish me luck!

xox ~ KB

Friday, October 19, 2012

La Vie Est Belle

Sweater: H&M, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Urban Outfitters, Hat: D&Y, Tights: H&M

I didn't intentionally mean to dress head to toe in H&M , but they have such great merch for the new season that I did a happy dance at the store last week! I'm also loving their collaboration with Lana Del Rey, the pieces are adorable and the ads are stunning.

This outfit has a slightly Parisian feel to me. I can envision myself walking through St. Germain, baguette in hand, lipstick in place, big sunglasses adorned...le sigh. I'll share something with you all, because you may as well know it now: I'm a bit of a francophile. I almost even moved there nearly two years ago...part of me wishes I did, just to have the full experience while I'm in my 20s. But, alas, perhaps there is still time for me yet my darlings ;) 

While we're spilling secrets, I'll let you in on another: I'm a bit of a dreamer, and a romantic at heart. But, shh! Don't tell, because I try to keep it covered up under my super tough exterior....No? Not fooling anyone? FINE. Well, this outfit makes me a bit wistful, and off I go daydreaming of my 'could-be' Parisian life, lol. But hey, if I can't be there, at least I can dress as though I am!

In regards to this outfit, I love the comfy, cozy, chunky knit sweater. I think my favorite part is that it's cut slightly shorter in the front and curves longer in the back. Perfect to sport with leggings, a leather skirt, or even shorts. Here, I'm wearing it over a skater skirt, and I love the peek-a-boo look it gets from under the sweater. 

Once again I'm wearing my holey tights, because now their accidentally unkempt nature has grown on me. Much to my mother's dismay, I'm sure, lol! These tights I buy in 2-packs from H&M because they're the perfect sheer-ness (yes, that's my official term). And of course, I've worn my trusty black fedora, since it always finds a way to fit itself into my outfits. Gotta appreciate its moxie (don't you wish people used that word more?)

The saddle oxfords are a bit of a statement in the outfit. Side note - I love oxfords, they're just adorable perfection in a shoe. With the saddle shoes, I'm particularly attracted to their classic nature. They feel vintage and fresh simultaneously, with a cheeky twist. Kinda like me. Or so, I'd like to believe ;) 

And as you all can see, I'm still sporting my vampy lips. Obsessed. 

 So, what are you all up to this weekend? I have a bunch of birthday parties, because apparently everyone decided this would be the week to make their grand entrances into the world. The nerve. Haha! Well whatever you do, I hope it's wonderful, because remember, as my title states: Life is let's not waste a minute of it!

See you on Monday,
xox ~ KB

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Uncle Sam Wants You!...To Wear This Jacket

Jacket: Rubbish (Nordstrom B.P.), Button Down Shirt: TopShop, Shorts: Klique B., Shoes: Steve Madden, Floral Hair Accessory: H&M

As soon as I saw military jackets were coming en vogue, I was obsessed and knew I needed to add one to my wardrobe stat. This one that I picked up from Nordstrom's B.P. section was one of the first ones I loved, and I purchased it on the spot! I love how easily I can layer with it - tank top, button down, jacket. It's great with jeans, shorts, leggings, pants - you can't go wrong! Plus I adore any opportunity to wear my lace-up pseudo combat boots, so I took full advantage of the situation :) 

The jacket itself is light enough that you can toss it over an outfit in the evening in warmer weather temperatures, or layer it into a snuggle pod in cooler climates! ...I've never said 'snuggle pod' before, i literally just made it up, but it sounds delightful!

Adding the flower in my hair was a last minute spontaneous styling decision. At first I didn't think it would go, but then I liked the slight contradiction it provided to sweeten up the look, just slightly. I had just purchased this little hair accessory over the weekend from H&M in 2 colors, and jumped at the opportunity to utilize it. I have a strange love of putting flowers in my hair - there's just something so whimsical and lovely about it. It makes me feel lighter and let's me pretend for just a moment that maybe I am in a fairytale and anything is possible :) 

As you can also see, we've embarked on my vampy lips end in sight. I haven't worn a real lipstick in a long time, but I fell into such lust with this color I had to have it. The lipstick is actually matte, but i lightly dab a tiny bit of gloss over it to add a touch of sheen. The lipstick I'm wearing is MAC's "Diva" and I overlay it with my staple Sephora brand gloss in "Vibrant Coral Shiny." Yes, that's the name. 

I definitely feel empowered and slightly 'diva-esque' when wearing my vampy lipstick, BUT be warned!! - it is NOT a boyfriend lipstick. It looks fierce, but you can't kiss with it - lest your man appears like he was in a face fight with a clown. Ew. 

So how's everyone's week going?! I'm trying to write a's not going well lol, so I hope you're holding out better than I am! See you on Friday kittens ;)
xox ~ KB

Monday, October 15, 2012

NAMI Fashion Show

Top: Tobi online, Shorts: Forever 21, Blazer: Urban Outfitters, Shoes: Michael Kors

As I'm writing today's post I'm slightly distracted because A) I accidentally locked myself out today so I've been feeling all sorts of spracky since, and B) Mean Girls is on, and hot damn if that movie isn't still one of the most quotable pieces of pop culture in the last decade!

BUT!! We must discuss the fun that was the NAMI fashion show that I attended this past Saturday night. It was the first fashion show I've personally attended, and I felt a little bit like an outsider who somehow snuck in haha! 

The energy in the room was glowing as we sat waiting in anticipation for the lights to dim, the music to start, and the show to take charge. And once it did, we were in for a treat! The collection consisted of beautiful soft-toned sweaters mixed with leather leggings, statement blazers, and gowns with daring side cutouts. There were also plenty of bright bold colors on display to make the pieces pop, and oodles of fringe jewelry. The materials were beautiful, and many of the cuts were strong choices. There were definitely a few pieces I could see myself wearing - especially the sweaters and leggings, and some I felt were best worn on the models :) 

I got ready fairly quickly: I was shooting a music video all day so I rushed back to change for the show. Despite the quick change, I felt cool and comfortable in my ensemble and ready for the night! I hadn't worn my blazer in a while, so I'm glad I was able to put it to use. The bustier top I purchased from, and I love its detailing with the neckline and buttons, plus its comfy! The shorts are listed as denim, but they feel more like if plastic, leather, and denim had a love would be these green shorts. I love the heels I wore, a gift from my Mom :) They're Michael Kors and the jeweled detailing in the heels are fierce.

All in all, I had a great time at the show, and I got to meet a bunch of my fellow fashion bloggers - so much fun! The whole night was a blast, and I can't wait to attend my next show ;) 

Alright lovelies, I hope you all have a delightful Monday, and in the great words of Mean Girls: You go Glen CoCo!
xox ~ KB

Friday, October 12, 2012

Emerald City

Top: Lush, Shorts: Forever 21, Boots: Tony Lama

Admittedly, this past year I made a concerted effort to wear more colors. I tend to vibe towards darker tones or soft, muted colors....brights, not so much. So, to me, it was kinda a big deal that I purchased this green chambray top. I was rather proud of myself. Yes, this is the top I have in several colors, including the black one adorned in 'Grey Lightning.' But I love that I can toss it over jeans or shorts, or tuck it into a high waist skirt. It's easy, soft, and slightly billowy - and I feel like this shade of green is just the right amount of brightness.

I haphazardly stumbled upon these shorts at Forever 21 over the summer, and instantly fell in love with them. They're an easy fit and very comfortable. I'm constantly trying to find pieces I can pair with them because they're just so darn cute. Like mittens...but shorts. Morts? No. I'll stop there.

Anywho...These boots are rather sentimental to me. First off, they're the real deal baby. I got them at this quaint looking boot store off the highway in Texas when we were driving to Killeen from the airport in Austin. I was visiting a dear friend of mine, and these boots were the first things I bought within an hour after landing lol! It was a true Texas experience though. They softened the leather for me and helped me try them on, and taught me how they'd start forming to my feet. I'll never forget how sweet everyone at that store was, and also their bafflement that I was from LA visiting haha! Needless to say that was a great trip, and I can't wait to go back soon...maybe I'll pick up some turquoise boots this time :)

Well BBs (Blush&Bang-ers), the weekend is upon us. I have a big one planned - I'm doing a music video for an up and coming artist, and then attending the NAMI fashion show! Will keep you updated on both, can't wait to share! 

See y'all Monday ;)
xox ~ KB

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grey Lightning

Top: Lush (Nordstrom B.P.), Pants: Guess, Shoes: Dolcetta by Dolce Vita

I've been feeling all Eeyore-ish since the Naughty Monkey boots I've been lusting over are sold out, BUT alas, there is good news! And that my dear friends comes in the form of Acid Wash Jeans.

I'm obsessed with all the acid washed denim I'm seeing on trend this season, and it's a style I welcome with open arms and jubilee! This particular wash I'd say is a medium grey, and I love that there are so many washes, shades, and colors to choose from. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run to H&M this weekend and get a darker wash pair, and I'm also in love with a light blue wash on Tobi, too.  

This top is a true friend, as well, because it's worked with so many outfits and occasions - it's a "you can't go wrong with me" safety net kinda top. We all need at least one of those. I also have it in a couple other colors, but the black is my favorite and the most versatile of them all. 

My Dolcetta boots are near and dear to my heart, because even though they're a little heavy, they've been worn around the world with me. Literally. I wore these shoes allllll the time when I had prolonged visits in Paris. I loved them because I could wear them day to night and either dress them up or dress them down with an outfit. No matter what, they worked. And if you guys haven't noticed yet, I'm all about pieces that work on a variety of levels ;)

Alright, my darlings, for now, that's all she wrote. Because let's remember, I'm still blue over the boots I didn't get to adorn. I was just so excited! You know when you find a piece and you fall in fashion lust with it and you start picturing all the outfits you can wear it with, and you imagine how much better your life will be because you will now have that piece!? Anyone?? Just me? Yikes. Well yes, I was pining over them, and my lost crush is something I need time to come to terms with lol...but really. 

As for the rest of you, I hope your humpday is a cheerful one :) See you guys on Friday!
xox ~ KB