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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

90's Child

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Miss Sixty, Shoes: Converse, Hair Accessory: H&M, Bag: H&M

I've been SO antsy to share this post with you guys, because it's my favorite thus far!! There are so many things I love incorporated into this look. And, honestly, I feel like this outfit is just the epitome of who I am - a girly tomboy ;) 

I love wearing flowers on my clothes and in my hair, and I get to do both here! I found this top at Forever 21 and instantly NEEDED it. As soon as I saw it said "90s Child," I knew it was meant to be. My love for all things 90s is irrepressible. So not only did this top already make a very 'Kayla-esque' statement, it was also a crop top, with a floral pattern, and peek-a-boo back. True. Love. 

I actually just rediscovered these jeans over the last year while I was helping my parents pack up their house, and going through my old room. I had these jeans in high school and hadn't worn them since. But, once I found them and saw that they still fit, I've been running around in them regularly. 

H&M has all these cute hair accessories right now, mostly floral, so naturally I picked out 2 sets - lavender, periwinkle, black, and ivory. They're kinda my new addiction, I can't seem to leave the house without one of them in my hair! I also got my purse from H&M, which I use daily. I almost exclusively wear over-the-shoulder bags so my hands are free, and I'm less of an easy target for any purse snatching wankers out there, lol! Stylish and strategic ;)

And what can I say about the shoes? I'm definitely a classic Converse chucks kinda kid, and I think they're a necessary staple in every guy and girl's closet.

Easy makeup and a nude lip complete the look, and there you have it!

I hope you guys have a great couple days until the weekend. I'm off to San Fran to be with some people very near and dear to my heart :) 

See you Friday BBs!
xox ~ KB


  1. I love the look! You look truly adorable. Especially like the flower in hair, gives a nice girly touch to your tomboy look <3

    1. yay, so glad you like it!! Thanks darlin :) xox