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Monday, October 8, 2012

Get On The Flora

Dress: Monteau, Shoes: Rocket Dog, Hat: D&Y

There's few things I adore more than a sweetheart neckline, and there's few things in life that'll make you feel more adorable than a dainty dress with a sweetheart neckline. 

My personal style tends to be either tomboy chic or girly sweet. And I will waiver between these two ends of the spectrum on a near daily basis...what can I say, I'm a gemini (I'm going to pretend that explains it all, as should you, thanks!). This outfit is clearly siding with my girlier side. When I go girly I'm all about small floral prints, lace, and/or sheer pieces. Sometimes, I'll add a girly piece to a tomboy piece, and that's always a zen moment. Like I've found the yin to my yang. The milk to my Oreo. The Chandler to my Monica. 


Being a huge fan of bustier tops, I'm also a huge fan of dresses with a fitted bustier/corset top. It cinches and accentuates the waist whilst keeping all the other bits and pieces securely in place. Win. To me, this dress is great for a date: when I wear it I just feel lovely, which makes me happy, which in turn makes me confident.... And THAT is key in any date scenario!

I also tossed on a simple fedora to add a little extra fun and balance to the outfit, but it's definitely an optional addition. If I have some great volume in my hair, then there are no cranial accessories necessary ;) I actually have this fedora in both brown and black, and will toss it on as I run out the door with any number of outfits. They're great staples in my closet because of their simplicity, versatility, and ability to make subtle additions to complete looks when needed.

So we're kicking the week off on a sweet note, let's make sure it lasts! Happy Monday kittens ;)
xox ~ KB