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Friday, December 14, 2012

Liebster Award!

So this is rather exciting! Blush&Bangs was nominated for a Liebster by fellow fashion blogger and friend Alexa of Thank you so much Alexa, it means the world to me that you like my blog enough to nominate it!!

Now what exactly is a Liebster Award? Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers who deserve some recognition and support to keep on blogging. The tradition is to answer the 11 questions from the person who has nominated you and then nominate promising bloggers and tag them in your post. Also you will write 11 questions for them to answer.

Here are the rules should you choose to accept:
1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog
2. Link back to the blogger who awarded you
3. Copy & Paste the award to your blog
4. Nominate 5 blogs that you enjoy to receive the award who have less than 200 followers
5. Inform them of their nomination by leaving a comment on their blog

My Answers to the Questions:
  1. Do you have any hobbies other than blogging? No. This is all I do, ever. JK! Clearly, one of my hobbies is sarcasm, lol. Other than blogging I'm an actress, I'm in graduate school, I sing and dance (but am shy about it), I write jokes (but stand-up terrifies me), I can crochet a bit, and love to read. Also, I'm a HUGE Lakers fan :)
  2. What’s something on your Bucket List? Hmm, I'm a big traveler so I'd like to see the world. I think the more you travel the more you learn about others and about life. You realize the world is actually a small place and that kindness and beauty may be found everywhere.
  3. What color scheme do you usually use when styling your looks? I'm not someone who's big with bright colors normally. I prefer to side with pastels and muted tones, but I break my own rules every now and then. Rules are meant to be broken, are they not? ;)
  4. What is a vacation destination that you would like to travel to? Gah! So many places! Right now, I'm itching to go to Istanbul. I haven't been before, and I'm quite eager to visit. I love London and Paris, but it doesn't feel like a vacation to me when I'm there, it feels like coming home :)
  5. Weekend: Stay at home or go out? I'm a homebody, definitely NOT a crazy let's-go-out partier. I'm boring and old-fashioned, and that's how I bloody well like it, lol!
  6. Favorite fashion designer? I love everything the Brandy Melville label produces. Everything. As for high fashion, wow, that's tough, I adore everything I've seen of Elie Saab and Monique L' huillier's Spring collections.
  7. Favorite thing about Blogging? The readers/fans. They make it all worthwhile. I love connecting with everyone and hearing back from them!
  8. Favorite blog posts to write about (trends, look of the day, DIY)? I'm God awful at DIY, lol, so I'd have to say 'look of the day' posts. I'm going to expand and cover trends more too.
  9. What are the top 3 websites you visit daily? Deadline Hollywood, Twitter, and IMDB Pro.
  10. What do you appreciate most in life? Laughter. It's a cure-all.  
  11. Your favorite quote here: One of my favorites: "Que Sera Sera." My mother always said this to me. Whenever I'm down, or frustrated, she always says "Que Sera Sera, whatever will be will be." Simple, but honest.  
I'm Nominating:
Here are My Questions for You:
  1. A year ago would you have thought you'd be a blogger today?
  2. What do you love most about blogging?
  3. How would you describe your style?
  4. What's your favorite pick-me-up movie?
  5. Guilty Pleasure?
  6. Favorite site to online shop?
  7. What do you enjoy most about the Holidays?
  8. What's something about yourself that would surprise most people?
  9. Any tattoos or piercings?
  10. When you're not blogging, what are you doing?
  11. Favorite movie snack?    


  1. aww thanks for the nomination &heart;

    Can't wait till finals are over so I can go back to blogging!

    valentine chic