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Friday, January 25, 2013

Favorite Looks: Paris Fashion Week Spring 2013

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This week showcased the Spring/Summer 2013 designers' collections during Paris' Fashion Week. Always an exciting event to follow, and I picked some of the looks that struck me most to showcase here with you all!

We start with this quirky, nude Jean-Paul Gaultier dress. Yes it's odd, but I quite like the structure and personality of it. Plus, I can totally see a stylist removing the tool and just having the mini-dress be worn by a celebrity client to an event or premiere!

Next, I selected 5 looks from the Elie Saab show. She truly knocked it out of the park with this one, I had a hard time narrowing down to simply these looks because, honestly, her entire collection was simply perfection. I have no doubt we're going to be seeing a ton of her pieces all season on the red carpets. The detailing, fit, and design of each piece is utterly breathtaking, and I cannot imagine what an experience it must have been to sit in the show and see the pieces first-hand. Excuse me while I have a fashion-gasm over here. 

Lastly, I chose this piece by Lanvin. I enjoy its simplicity and sleekness. There were a lot of pant-suits on the runways by multiple designers during the shows, but I felt drawn to this because it is so effortlessly chic. And the gold belt accessory gives it just the right amount of lift and shine ;)

So there you have it! Let me know what your favorite looks from the runways were this week! And don't forget about our Giveaway, we'll be closing it out soon! Have a beautiful weekend lovelies.

xox ~ KB