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Monday, January 7, 2013

Santander, Spain Diary

Hi lovelies! This week I'm wrapping up my accounts on my time in Spain with some photo filled 'diary entries' as I'm calling them! Today I'm showing you guys Santander which is located on the northern coast of Spain. It was so beautiful, full of rocky shores and beautiful coastal residences, but my goodness it was rainy, windy, and colddd!! 

We spent a few days surrounding New Year's here at one of the family's lovely homes, and what a great experience it was. For New Year's Eve, a bunch of the family came over and we had a proper dinner and then did the classic countdown with "Las Uvas" or "The Grapes," where we rapidly had to eat 12 grapes in succession when the ball dropped. Then, we went out and it was crazy and so fun. The Spanish have a zest for life at a level I haven't found elsewhere, and it's contagious :) Of course, when they go out at night the party doesn't end until about 6am, and even if you leave at 5am that's still considered too early. Seriously, I got lectured on it by someone, lol. So, you quickly learn that to maintain energy for a night out, the afternoon siesta is a necessity!

We also visited this old village just outside of town, and it felt like I was walking back in time while strolling through the cobbled roads in the rain. In one photo you'll see one of the oldest cathedrals in Spain, built somewhere close to the 9th century. And I also had to take a photo outside the "Museo del Queso" or "Cheese Museum," because really, I find chez (cheese) delightful all around the world, hahah! We also went to this restaraunt/hotel called Landa, which is one of the oldest in the area, and consists of very traditional Spanish dishes.

Lastly, you'll see the spread we had on the table at every meal at home. With such a gorgeous spread and such talented chefs, why eat out?  The Spanish set a great deal of significance on each meal, and they care very much about the food that they are eating and its quality. With all this emphasis on food though, I found it interesting that the meals were usually light, with many small plates, and always consisting of fresh, pure foods. It was delicious and healthy...with a few exceptions ;) My weaknesses (pictured above) were desserts like Turrón, which is made simply of almonds and olive oil. It's not very sweet and rather light...but that's perhaps also it's danger, lol, it's irresistible! And, of course, the classic churro con chocolaté - sinfully delicious. 

From Santander we drove back to Madrid for a couple days, so I'll show you guys my extended Madrid Diary Wednesday :) Hope you guys enjoyed and got a little taste of Santander with me!
See you in a couple days lovebugs ;)

xox ~ KB

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