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Monday, June 24, 2013

Pinteresting: 5 Must-Have Lip Looks!

Hi lovelies!! Here are 5 lip looks that I think are the staples for your makeup bag. As long as you have these 5 shades, you are set for any occasion! Side note: thanks for all the support you guys gave me for my academic conference this weekend, it went great! I just got back from the conference and am exhausted and literally nodding off over my laptop right now, so I really must be getting to bed! Enjoy the post, and let me know what you think!! 

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 The coral lip! Perfect for summer to add a touch of brightness to all your looks. This is a great daytime shade!

Deep burgandy. This deep berry shade is absolutely stunning. It can be worn day or night for a touch of drama, and a lot of sex appeal ;)

The pale lip. This look is a statement in it's understatement. Again, this shade can be day or night, but works best when paired with a dramatic eye. If you want the focus to be your eye makeup, especially, then this is a great shade for you!

 The classic and timeless red lip.... Need I say more??

  The nude lip. This look is perfect to gain that effortless beauty. Everything is understated and natural, so you look as though you are just always this flawless, lol ;) This is my go-to "anytime" look, because it is the most malleable, I think.

xox ~ KB

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