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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sample Sale!

Hi loves!! Firstly, I apologize for not posting as often, I'm trying to work out and reconfigure some ideas for the blog, and that unfortunately takes time! But know that I love you guys, and appreciate your ongoing support so very much.

I went to a Sample Sale in Downtown LA last weekend, and it was such a fun fashion experience! I didn't realize that so many of the stores were having sample sales in the building I was in, I actually only went because I knew Runway Dreamz was having a Sample Sale and I've been pining over a plethora of their pieces for over a year!
 It was chaos in some of the stores, but in a really brilliant way, lol. There were fashion lovers all over just searching for unique pieces, and we were all shamelessly trying things on in the middle of the showroom floors hahah!

 The result!!! I didn't end up getting too many pieces, but these two that I picked up I'm so completely in love with. This top is by Parker - the straps are gold chains, it's fitted and flowy all at once, and shows off the perfect amount of d├ęcolletage. I describe this top as the perfect Spring/Summer top, but with a New York bougie feel to it, lol. And I picked up the perfect denim cutoffs by Runway Dreamz - their pieces are often unique and hand-crafted. I'm so in love with them ahhhhhh, can't wait to wear these babies all summer <3
Love you BBs to the moon and back ;)
xox ~ KB

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