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Friday, November 9, 2012

Chambray of Secrets

 Button Down: Nordstrom B.P., Tank: random, Shorts: Nordstrom B.P., Backpack: Urban Outfitters, Hair Accessory: H&M, Boots: random

Apparently it's Friday, this is news to me because I've lost track of my days. At this point, I'm just trying to work my way through my papers and presentations this month so I can get to mid-December and be done with this bloody semester! I hope you all are faring better than I am, however :)

Since I am so encompassed by school at the moment, it feels appropriate that today's outfit is more everyday/threw-this-on-before-class-centric, lol! The starring piece is my denim, button-down chambray top, which I purchased from Nordstrom. I love its simplicity, and how easily it can be added to such a variety of outfits. It's also great for that time in the fall when the weather is transitioning, and you're not sure if it's going to be a warm or cool night - this preps you for either. 

Coincidentally, I also found these pastel floral cut-offs at Nordstrom over the summer. They're super comfy and their soft tones make them amiable to any number of looks. They're also paired with my Texas cowboy boots (the real deal, homie), which always make me feel scrappier than I probably am....

Moving on. I have my sturdy canvas backpack, which makes me feel like I'm off to boot camp - which is pretty much what school can feel like at times (or in my case-all semester). I got this backpack at Urban Outfitters a few years ago, and it's got all sorts of neat bells and whistles to it ;) They still have this backpack, and in other colors as well!

Alright BB's, I'm spent. I need to go bury myself in writing. Wish me luck!! And please, go have some fun for me so I can live vicariously through you all :)

Lots of love,
xox ~ KB