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Monday, November 12, 2012

Kayla In Wonderland

Coat: Sugarfly, Tights: Nordstrom, Shoes:, Headband: Forever 21

Well darlings, I can at least say that I was able to finish writing my short paper today, however that's only because my friend made me do it, lol. I procrastinate like it's my job. But at least that's one assignment down, now I have 2 presentations and a big paper to look forward to, goody!!

Anyhow, let's discuss much more delightful things, like how happy this post makes me! You may not know, but Alice (from Alice in Wonderland, obviously) is my favorite character, and I pretty much try to dress up like her whenever I can...which is usually only Halloween, but seriously, if I could I'd wear that costume every day. Every. Day. But, since I'd rather not be committed, I've instead found ways to use Alice as an inspiration to my outfits!

I'm not even quite sure how the idea came to me, but somehow it fell together, and with the colored tights I suddenly felt a bit "Mad Hatter-y" and then the next conclusion was of course - Alice! I do love colored tights every now and then. They're such a fun burst of color, and a great way to escape the sometimes monotony of winter dress!

Of course my Mary-Jane pumps heightened the idea because of their dainty and sneaky demure nature, and then the headband helped tie it all together. 

I've had this coat for a while now, but I must say I still adore it as much as I did when it was a new addition to my closet. I have a thing for white coats. There's just something lovely about them. And I must say, I'm rather thrilled that it's finally sweater and coat time here in Southern California. Frankly, it's November so it's about bloody time ;)

This is the first post of a series we shot downtown and I cannot wait for you to see them all! I do feel like LA is a bit of a Wonderland in its own right: it's kooky, vast, confusing, people are a bit nutty, but there are also some hidden gems :)

So BBs here we are starting another week, let's make it a good one! See you all Wednesday...
xox ~ KB 

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