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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pinteresting: Jewelry Trends

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Hey BBs! Today I wanted to take a look at a few jewelry trends/looks I'm currently enamored with! I've been loving the layering/stacking of thin gold bracelets this year. There are so many different types of bracelets you can layer to achieve this look. I'm fond of the ones with writing on them, or a symbol :)

 Anklets are back!! And not just any anklets, but beautiful, ornately jeweled ones such as this one above! I love the rose gold, the double layer, and especially the drop down jewel (a cross on this one). It's a delightful piece of foot jewelry, and I would love to rock it ;)

 I love the midway rings I've been seeing lately, they're so cool and cute! I love to stack rings, but getting smaller ones for the top of my fingers just opened up so many more options lol!

 So in case you haven't already noticed, layering is what's up right now with jewelry. And that is still the case when it comes to necklaces. This is wonderful for someone supremely indecisive, like me, because now you don't have to decide on just one necklace to wear, put several on! I love the gold discs, angel wings, and all the different lengths of the necklaces :)

 I like bows, a lot. They're adorable and my girly side swoons at the sight of them, lol. These silver and diamond studded bow earrings are just so darling and lovely! They can be worn for everyday or as an added delicate touch for a night out. I want them :)

 Lastly, I love necklaces, bracelets, and rings that say things. So, this "amour" necklace is right up my alley :) It's sweet and simple. I like the thin chain, and how the necklace lays delicately on your d√©colletage! There are such a plethora of these "worded" jewelry pieces now, you can find ones that say nearly anything you like, or get them personalized with your name :)

That's all for today my loves. I hope you like these pieces and that they give you new ideas to try if you aren't already utilizing these trends ;)  
xox ~ KB

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