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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

6 Month Anniversary Week Pt.2

Here's another glance back at a few more favorite looks from these past months! Side note - yes, I'm still annoyingly and unbelievably super sick, how crazy is that!? Anyways, links to the original post are below each photo! On with the show....

Looking back at these makes me so nostalgic. I feel like so much has happened, both personally and professionally, in such a short span of time since starting this blog. I am so very proud of the team I work with, and the product produced here. I also have to give a special thanks to my wonderful photographer Caroline. She is brilliant, and it's so rare to find a photographer who has a similar vision as you do, knows how to shoot women, and is so beautifully talented. And again, thank you to my readers, you guys make me smile every day :)
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xox ~ KB 

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