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Friday, December 21, 2012

Quick & Easy Gifts for Him

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Hello again last minute shoppers!! If you are still scrambling to find gifts for guys, here are a few ideas to help make your life a little easier :) Now, I'll admit I always find it ridiculously challenging to shop for men. So, I roamed around for some easy ideas at a few accessible stores to see what could be found in a pinch!

To start, I went into the Apple store and found myself drawn to the headphones. I tried this pair by Harman/Kardan and really loved the sound quality. The headphones themselves were comfortable and light, and the sound streaming in was so clear, it lives up to its name "Beautiful Sound." Can't go wrong with that. 

Next, I went into Bloomingdales. I thought this little kit by The Art of Shaving was pretty adorable and chic. I think as long as you don't describe it as "adorable" to your male recipient you're in the clear, lol. I also went around testing all the different colognes. Usually, I don't like when men wear lots of cologne, I tend to prefer aftershave and I LOL. However, that does at least make my nose a bit snobby when it comes to cologne. And after testing all of the ones on display I found the Yves Saint Laurent "L'Homme" both tolerable and dare I say enjoyable! Lastly at Bloomingdales, I was shown these two packages by Task, the #1 skincare system for men. The line comes from Switzerland, and if your man cares about his skin...or if you do, then hooray, you're set!!

From there I went to H&M Men and found a few clothing items - if that's what you'd prefer. They had plaid button downs in a number of colors. Coats like this grey one which I liked. And some great tees a la the Hendrix one I photographed.

Lastly, if you'd like to go the electronic route, I went to Best Buy. Personally, I love reading, and I find it exceedingly attractive to find a man that enjoys reading too. So, I think gifts like the Kindle Fire are excellent. There are several different types of Kindles available too in order to accommodate your budget :) I definitely recommend this gift idea!

I hope these ideas help you out, I know how stressful this last weekend before Christmas can be. So, finish up your shopping and get to the relaxing and joyous part of the holiday :) See you guys Mondayyy!

xox ~ KB    


  1. Cute! I actually got him a Galaxy tablet hehe <3 Happy Holidays!

    1. lol perfect, I'm sure he'll love it ;) Happy Holidays!!