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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dark Paradise

Dress: Bebe, Shoes: Steve Madden, Nail Polish: Jordana Cosmetics (Color: Cabaret) click here!

"Every time I close my eyes/ It's like a dark paradise" - Lana Del Rey

Happy Monday lovebugs, we're officially back to our regular programming!! Now that I'm back from Spain and getting over my cold, I'm so excited to share this next series of looks with you all. Plus, we're in awards season now so I'm thinking of doing favorite awards looks on Fridays. AND, on top of all that we are still in the midst of our BIG GIVEAWAY with 10 WINNERS this month, so spread the word!! (Giveaway deets will be at the end!)

Would you believe if I told you that I've had this dress for yearrrrrrs, it's practically vintage! I discovered it in the back of my closet when cleaning out my parents' house last year, and found it still fits but needed an alteration. And by 'alteration' I mean I needed it shortened...BIG time ;) I love that nude lining underneath black lace is classic enough that it always comes back into fashion, so I'm so glad I've been able to recycle and renew this beautiful piece!

I wore strappy nude heels for several reasons: 1) they're pretty - duh, 2) black heels work but I wanted to leave the attention with the dress, and 3) nude heels elongate the legs...and Lord knows I can use all the help I can get in that department, LOL!

To complete the look, I'm wearing the sultry Cabaret color nail polish by Jordana Cosmetics. This deep, dark red is undeniably classic as well as seductive! To order your own just click here! 

See you Wednesday kittens, and check out the GIVEAWAY deets below!
xox ~ KB

I am collaborating with Jordana Cosmetics for a big GIVEAWAY this month!! Here are the details: 
**There will be a GIVEAWAY in January with 10 WINNERS thanks to Jordana Cosmetics. The first 150 people to "like" our Facebook page AND become a Member of the blog (to join look on the right panel on the blog and scroll down until you see "join this blog/become a member") will automatically be entered to WIN. **

NOTE: You DO NOT have to create a Blogger account to join the blog!!! Just your email :) 



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