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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Madrid Diary, Part 1

(*No that's not a real tattoo, lol, a bartender pulled me and wordlessly placed this Team Gryffindor-ish fake tattoo on me hahah!)

Madrid is a vibrant city. So full of life, history, and joie de vivre. I was captivated by the architecture I found in the city, the history you so casually stroll through, and of course the warm people that are as beautiful and welcoming as the city they inhabit.

And nights in Madrid...well, they're tremendous fun, to say the least ;) First of all, nights out in Spain consist of dancing the night away until 6 or 7am, so it's quite normal to arrive somewhere at 4am. Yeah, that stunned me at first too, but I was quickly taught, trained really, how to prepare throughout the day by squeezing naps in wherever possible so you're awake in the evening.

 I thought I would be exhausted, but I quickly found I had boundless energy, and truly it was because the dance clubs were constantly alive and energized! You're dancing non-stop, truly dancing! Spanish nightclubs are a far cry from clubs in LA where it's more of a 'see and be seen' situation. Here in Spain, you truly let your hair down and succumb to the beat of the music blasting. No one cares if they look a fool while dancing, they just enjoy themselves, and that attitude and energy is both contagious and wildly attractive ;)

I wish I had more time to spend in Madrid, although it was not my first time visiting, the city is just full of secrets and adventure I wish to delve further into....I guess that just means I'll have to visit again! Truly, if you have the opportunity to visit Spain, Madrid is a MUST!! Can't wait to share more of the city with you in Part 2 on Friday!

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