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Monday, October 29, 2012

Crop My Heart

Sweater: vintage Oscar de la Renta, Shorts: BDG, Shoes: Dolcetta by Dolce Vita, Tights: H&M

How often is it that we are able to find cropped chunky cable-knit sweaters? The answer is, unfortunately, not as often as we should. That's why when I stumbled upon this beautiful vintage de la Renta at Wasteland, I knew I had to have it. Really, it would have been a disservice to the fashion community if I had come across such a find and let it go. So it can be said, that I bought this sweater for the good of the people. You're welcome. 

This sweater is truly brilliant, though. I love the mix of textures the knitting provides - feeling both thick and airy simultaneously. The arms are long and baggy for that cozy feeling, and yet, the crop provides an anomaly all on its own. The crop literally lifts the 'would-be' heavy feeling of the sweater, and instead enhances it with a lightness typically not akin to this fabric or design. See? I told you its brilliant ;)

I paired the sweater with my studded BDG high-waist shorts to also provide a balance to the thick material of the sweater. From there we again have my holey sheer tights from H&M (that yes, my mother loathes lol). And my chunky Dolcetta buckled booties. 

The outfit is comfortable while also being unique in a slightly subtle way. I like that the Oscar provides a bit of a surprise without being over the top, so that the piece can still be considered daily wear. Of course, I also feel that a bold lip also helps balance out the sweater, so that it doesn't overpower you (I'd consider a great nude lipstick as well, it can work!). Besides, this fall/winter statement lips are in, so you may as well utilize it while you can!

Alright darlings, I hope I could help provide you with just a slight reprieve from the Monday Blues. Oh! And by the way, Happy 1 Month Anniversary BBs!! Blush & Bangs is officially a month old today, so we do have something to celebrate! Thank you all for your support and we're only just getting started, so buckle up ;)

xox ~ KB

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