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Friday, October 12, 2012

Emerald City

Top: Lush, Shorts: Forever 21, Boots: Tony Lama

Admittedly, this past year I made a concerted effort to wear more colors. I tend to vibe towards darker tones or soft, muted colors....brights, not so much. So, to me, it was kinda a big deal that I purchased this green chambray top. I was rather proud of myself. Yes, this is the top I have in several colors, including the black one adorned in 'Grey Lightning.' But I love that I can toss it over jeans or shorts, or tuck it into a high waist skirt. It's easy, soft, and slightly billowy - and I feel like this shade of green is just the right amount of brightness.

I haphazardly stumbled upon these shorts at Forever 21 over the summer, and instantly fell in love with them. They're an easy fit and very comfortable. I'm constantly trying to find pieces I can pair with them because they're just so darn cute. Like mittens...but shorts. Morts? No. I'll stop there.

Anywho...These boots are rather sentimental to me. First off, they're the real deal baby. I got them at this quaint looking boot store off the highway in Texas when we were driving to Killeen from the airport in Austin. I was visiting a dear friend of mine, and these boots were the first things I bought within an hour after landing lol! It was a true Texas experience though. They softened the leather for me and helped me try them on, and taught me how they'd start forming to my feet. I'll never forget how sweet everyone at that store was, and also their bafflement that I was from LA visiting haha! Needless to say that was a great trip, and I can't wait to go back soon...maybe I'll pick up some turquoise boots this time :)

Well BBs (Blush&Bang-ers), the weekend is upon us. I have a big one planned - I'm doing a music video for an up and coming artist, and then attending the NAMI fashion show! Will keep you updated on both, can't wait to share! 

See y'all Monday ;)
xox ~ KB

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