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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Red Hot American Summer...In October

Top: Kimchi Blue, Pants: BDG, Shoes: Steve Madden

Well it's 102 degrees outside, and every time I step out I feel like I'm cooking from the inside out. Gross. So for this ongoing summer in LA, it felt appropriate to express the red hot heat with some red hot pants!

I love the colored pants trending this season: pastels, bolds, and patterns. However, I tend to be choosy in picking what statement items I invest in, and as much as I adore them, non-basic colors are investment pieces. I have to think about the ones that I would wear most and what items in my wardrobe I would pair them with, and then I take time to deliberate. If i can't stop thinking about an item for a week, then I take that as I sign that I must own it! Clearly this is a very serious process for me. 

You should also know that I love lace and little feminine accents, especially pairing them with bolder pieces for balance (...or with whatever, bc lace is just faboosh like that). This top however, is great for its versatility bc it can be matched not only with bold pieces but also with normal day-to-day denim, cutoffs, or even paired with a skirt. 

Alright kittens, I'm off to continue hiding in an undisclosed air-conditioned haven (aka my living room). Pray that Autumn comes sooner rather than later for those of us trapped in this bloody heat ;)
xox, KB


  1. Speaking of bold colors, I love your RED HOT lipstick! Keep up the great posts <3

    1. Thanks darlin! I will definitely be doing a post solely focusing on red lips for the season ;)