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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Grey Lightning

Top: Lush (Nordstrom B.P.), Pants: Guess, Shoes: Dolcetta by Dolce Vita

I've been feeling all Eeyore-ish since the Naughty Monkey boots I've been lusting over are sold out, BUT alas, there is good news! And that my dear friends comes in the form of Acid Wash Jeans.

I'm obsessed with all the acid washed denim I'm seeing on trend this season, and it's a style I welcome with open arms and jubilee! This particular wash I'd say is a medium grey, and I love that there are so many washes, shades, and colors to choose from. I'm pretty sure I'm going to run to H&M this weekend and get a darker wash pair, and I'm also in love with a light blue wash on Tobi, too.  

This top is a true friend, as well, because it's worked with so many outfits and occasions - it's a "you can't go wrong with me" safety net kinda top. We all need at least one of those. I also have it in a couple other colors, but the black is my favorite and the most versatile of them all. 

My Dolcetta boots are near and dear to my heart, because even though they're a little heavy, they've been worn around the world with me. Literally. I wore these shoes allllll the time when I had prolonged visits in Paris. I loved them because I could wear them day to night and either dress them up or dress them down with an outfit. No matter what, they worked. And if you guys haven't noticed yet, I'm all about pieces that work on a variety of levels ;)

Alright, my darlings, for now, that's all she wrote. Because let's remember, I'm still blue over the boots I didn't get to adorn. I was just so excited! You know when you find a piece and you fall in fashion lust with it and you start picturing all the outfits you can wear it with, and you imagine how much better your life will be because you will now have that piece!? Anyone?? Just me? Yikes. Well yes, I was pining over them, and my lost crush is something I need time to come to terms with lol...but really. 

As for the rest of you, I hope your humpday is a cheerful one :) See you guys on Friday!
xox ~ KB


  1. Oooh, I like Acid Wash too and have been meaning to DIY some denim (like shorts and vests) with bleach for a sorta acid-washy effect :P

    1. Nice! You're braver than I am! I'm always nervous to DIY since I'm on the clumsy side lol! Let me know how it goes though if you do!!